Our broad range of services ranges from:

IT Management

Managing your organization’s IT department can be quite daunting. We understand the importance of the IT department to the day-to-day running of your organization. As a foremost IT solutions provider, we take over your worries by managing your IT infrastructures to run smoothly from day to day to increase your productivity and give you the desired result.

Network Infrastructure

Are you looking to set up your network and get it working despite the increasing complexity of networking due to the continuous upgrading of networking hardware and applications? Setting up we ensure that your network is well set up to guarantee you easy access to your data while it remains strongly protected from intruders.

Cloud computing

We deliver cloud computing services like a cloud server, networking, software, analytics, storage and intelligence to offer you flexible resources, and faster innovations to lower your running cost and scale-up your business operations.

IT Security

When it comes to security technology, you can count on our expertise for 100% protection of your data from threats on all fronts. We deliver stronger protection, give you more control and greater visibility to your data with highly secured access.

Data Center Structure

We understand your worries when it comes to data centre setup and management. We set up data centre structures for our clients bearing in mind the continuous evolution of a data centre. In setting up a data centre for your organization, we take into consideration the long-term maintenance of the reliability and security of your data centre.

Unified Communications

The importance of staying connected cannot be overemphasized as it is vital to the flow of information between employees. We offer unified communication services like instant messaging, voice telephony, mobility features (such as extension mobility and single number reach), video, audio and web conferencing, data sharing, speech recognition and voice control to unify and connect your expanding business enterprise and keep you updated.

Database Management

When it comes to database management, you can trust us to organize and maintain your data processes to meet the needs of the ongoing information lifecycle. With the increasing volume of your business data, it is absolutely important to prevent negative conditions associated with data growth. Our database management involves monitoring the performance of your data, storage and capacity planning, data backup and recovery, arching, partitioning, replication, masking and data retirement.

IT Consulting

We help you to stay informed and updated in terms of the latest cutting-edge technology that guarantees that your business objectives are achieved. We provide access to expert IT consultants for your business. You can count on our expertise consultancy in project scoping and planning, business process and systems design, and project management support. Our consultancy services offer key IT consultancy skills in ensuring your continuous success.

Software and App Development

In the 21st century; mobile, desktop and web applications are key in the successes of businesses. We at IT solutions provider are a leading developer of applications and software targeted at ensuring your success through widespread exposure to audiences and increasing your customer base. We develop apps tailored to suit your needs and purposes.

Website design, development, hosting and maintenance

Website is the gateway through which your products and services can reach the world. We got you covered when it comes to domain name registration, designing, developing, hosting and maintaining your website to give you maximum exposure.

Our other services include discussion forums, resource directories, community web portals, e-commerce applications, blogs, and CMS websites.

Systems Performance Management

Part of our services also includes system performance management. We carry out key monitoring and measurement to assess the level of performance of your IT resources using performance management tools like TeamQuest, IBM, HP Software Division, etc.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Ensuring continued success and business continuity involves IT maintenance. We offer unique IT maintenance adapted to suit the needs of our clients. Our IT infrastructure maintenance covers the following areas

  • Server maintenance

  • Desktop maintenance involving regular monitoring of the windows server update services, ensuring antivirus protection and auditing desktops to ensure compliance with IT policies.

  • Backup Maintenance which involves monitoring of backup notifications and maintaining backup media

  • Security maintenance which involves auditing firewall logs regularly to detect suspicious activities, implement a regular change of passwords, configuring and backing up of firewalls and periodic testing of security system performance.