Data science

Data science combines data analysis, algorithm development and technology to solve various analytically complex problems.

Data science is concerned with how we can use data in multiple ways to create values for businesses.

Using data science to create business values involves three major steps

  • Data Discovery Insight: This involves a thorough understanding of data through observing patterns navigating data visually. It involves gathering and analysing of data in sequential steps to make it interpretable.

    Data discovery enables business organizations to make smart business decisions that translate to success. This includes:

    • Proctor & Gamble make use of the time series models to understand and plan for future demands in terms of optimal production levels.

    • Netflix uses data mined from movie viewing patterns to understand what interest movie viewers and make decisions on what Netflix movie series to produce.

      With data discovery, we can help firms:

  • To unlock essential information within unstructured data in a way that allows organizations to visualise and understand the information stored in data,

  • save time through gathering and formatting of data from different sources and structure to facilitate analysis,

  • by providing the same data in different ways to enable organizations to draw conclusive insights

  • Clean, store and make data available for future use as new data are being collected on a regular basis.

  • Developing Data Product: Data product is all about using the output from data analysis as input to develop algorithm solutions in production. This includes:

    • Spam filter mechanisms of emails that determines whether an incoming mail is a junk or not.

    • Computer vision used by auto-driving cars to recognise traffic lights, pedestrians and other cars on the road.

    • Movies recommended for you to watch by Netflix

    • Amazons recommendations of items you can buy from them

    • Music recommendations you can listen to by Spotify

Data science involves combining skills from mathematics experts, technological and business skills.

We boast of mathematical experts who are at the forefront of data mining and product development. Our mathematical expertise has the quantitative technique needed in finding solutions to business problems using maths-based analytic models.

When it comes to technological experts our data scientists have what it takes to operate in terms of:

  • complex algorithmic complexity,

  • breaking down and recomposing complex problems in ways that make them solvable,

  • Understanding multi-dimensional data and tricky flow charts.

  • Unifying results to form a comprehensive solution to problems

Possession of strong business skills by our data scientists is of utmost importance to our data scientists as it is important for them to be able to solve business problems using results from data gathering and analysis.

We are able to leverage all three aspects of data science to build valuable business capabilities that will make you a visible influencer in your business domain.